TORONTO – – From Native hip-hop and erotica to photo essays and the latest in news and opinions, SPIRIT magazine’s new issue is out!!! Look for SPIRIT on the magazine rack, in the corporate board rooms, and on the dusty trail of the powwow circuit this summer because SPIRIT Magazine is boldly going where no magazine has gone before!

“I saw your magazine on the stand, right out there in the open… and it filled me with pride, I was so proud to be an Aboriginal person,” says Michael Lee, a Miqmaq from Nova Scotia.

Available across the country in all Chapters/Indigo stores as well as various other book and magazine outlets, the issue is causing quite a buzz.

SPIRIT Magazine is the new Indigenous culture and current affairs magazine that made a splash across Canada earlier this year. It’s bold, brave and beautiful and ready to set the stage on social issues, art, identity and more. In this issue, a women’s feature story profiling some of the pioneers in rule breaking, ceremony-making and risk taking – including Dr. Olive Dickason, Catherine Martin and Rosalee Tizya.

“Its content is accessible, informative and relevant to readers of all backgrounds. As an African-Canadian journalist, I find that many magazines and newspapers fail to do this so seamlessly,” says Emily Mills of Toronto, Ontario. “Thank you for providing such honest insight of your communities. I wish you continued success and don’t stop raising the bar of excellence for the entire Canadian media!”

In its premiere issue is a feature story on Aboriginal families living in today’s harsh realities. From Edmonton to Toronto to Iqualuit, families are featured in this peek into today’s contemporary family. Also, included is a new interview and photos with movie star Adam Beach; a book excerpt and interview with author Simon Ortiz; a new piece on organic foods by environmentalist Winona Laduke; people profiles; book and music reviews and much more.

Jane ash Poitras. Kinnie Starr. Tonya Lee Williams. Colin Farrell. Daphne Odjig. Lincoln Clarkes. Keith Landy. War Party. Andrea Menard. Public Enemy. My Grandma and your grandma. Don Burnstick. Nathaniel Arcand. Need we say more?

it’s hot, it’s smart and it’s pushing the envelope one more time. COURAGE BABY COURAGE!