10 Types of Bongs to Buy

It might be quite difficult to find out the right bong for yourself which speaks to your spirits and also reflects your personalities.  If you want to buy bongs for sale online, you need to take a look at this guide.

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Scientific Glass Bongs

These types’ buy bongs for sale online make use of glass which is made with boron trioxide and silicon.  Borosilicate glass is known to be pretty strong.  As a matter of fact, it is also heat resistant.  Thus, it is just perfect for perking up your daily sesh.  You do not need to be a lab rat in order to appreciate the value of scientific glass. These types of bongs are generally clear and also resemble scientific equipment such as the beakers.  This is because of the specialty glass and the percolation; these scientific bonds provide a solid and smooth smoke. The Double Treeline Bong is just the right example of a well-made water bong.

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Straight Tubed Bongs

Classic, elegant, and straight tubed bongs are known to have a staple design of the industry for a long period of time. If you buy bongs for sale online like old school straight tubes, you will know that it is popular for rips which resemble clouds more than the smoke.  Modern straight tubes are available in many colors, sizes, and shapes. One of the popular scientific glasses is the straight tube that has design outfitted with the down stems and diffusers. The Double Bell Perc has straight tube which has a diffused down step which helps to cool the smoke from the 14mm bowl. Thereafter, the smoke will filter through the internal bell shaped percolators.  All thanks to the bell shaped percs, drag is pretty minimal. Pulls do not get any cleaner or even smoother than this. These kinds of bongs are going to last for a long time due to their borosilicate structure.

Beaker Bongs

A beaker is also a scientific bong which appears like a beaker. They have a base which is shaped like the pyramid and has an elongated tube. Beakers bonds are popular for giving out generous and full rips. These are made out of thick borosilicate glass and usually have a long elongate down stem which reach into the bottom of the beaker. This is hard to handle and easy to break.  These are great for outdoor feasting.

Round Based Bongs

The sound of bubbles is nostalgic in the buy bongs for sale online, you will know that the emotion that is attached with it.  These bongs are known to have rounded and fat bottoms. They do not fall over easily and the rounded shape overs a voluminous cavern.  It is pretty easily filled with a heavy smoke of cloud.  These things will blow of the socks in few seconds.

Inline Bongs

An inline bong has an efficiently designed percolator which is like a down stem extension.  The bowl sits on the side which is exterior of the water chamber of buy bongs for sale online. Generally, the slide goes into the down stem which penetrates into the water chamber. With these kinds of bongs, the slide will lead to the inline percolator that diffuses smoke developing a smoother experience.  These are the perfect examples of how far these bong culture has advanced.