SPIRIT Magazine has hit the one-year mark and the response has been overwhelming. From being featured as one of the “top new Canadian magazines to watch for” in the Toronto Star, to being highlighted on Much Music and APTN, SPIRIT Magazine has become the voice of the Aboriginal people.

SPIRIT will be producing as its next issue a comprehensive Aboriginal MUSIC ISSUE. With the help of writers from across North America, SPIRIT will capture the essence of Native music, its strong oral history and its contemporary breakthrough performers.

Stevie Salas, Xit, Link Wray, Redbone, Kinnie Starr, John Trudell, Jesse Ed Davis, Floyd Red Crow Westermen, Indigenous, Derek Miller, Eagle and Hawk, Taima, George Leach, Red Nation Squad, Litefoot, Tru Rez Crew, Susan Aglukark, Robbie Robertson are just some of the acts we are featuring. From the dusty roads in the Southwest U.S and the cold winter nights in Canada’s Arctic to the streets of LA and Vancouver, we are covering North America like no other publication has done before.


SPIRIT Magazine is offering its music friends a fantastic opportunity to get involved with this issue. Not only are we offering prime advertising space in the MUSIC ISSUE but we are also producing a sampler CD with over 20 performers to be included as an insert in this issue to be sent directly to our subscribers worldwide and our national distribution outlets.

SPIRIT MAGAZINE will also be sponsoring ROOTS and RIGHTS, a panel discussion and performance party at Planet IndigenUS at Harbourfront this August. Planet IndigenUS is an international, multi-disciplinary contemporary arts festival celebrating the innovation, adaptability and evolution of Indigenous identity.
The magazine and CD will be widely available at the event.
We’re in the process of putting together a photo page on our site showcasing the people, places and events SPIRIT has been a part of. Look for it soon.


SPIRIT Magazine, the national Indigenous current affairs, arts & culture quarterly, speaks to the new culture.
With an intimate understanding of Indigenous culture. SPIRIT offers an outlet where readers can experience refreshing perspectives from First Nations people and other people of colour, in a way not currently provided by mainstream media.

SPIRIT isn’t afraid to touch you where it tickles, and tickle you where it hurts. Get your SPIRIT here!