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Make the Most of Travelling Abroad

travelWith all the benefits that travelling can give a person, it’s a shame not to take advantage of the chance to travel. Even with the upsurge in the price of fuels, travel agencies offer vacation packages that combine both comfort and affordability in one deal. This allows you to enjoy a place without the need to break the bank. There are lots of places that you can visit and there will always be options to suit your preference and budget. You have to keep in mind though that travelling requires a certain level of preparation. This will help face any travel snags and can protect your safety while on the road.

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Backpacking – The Ultimate Resume Booster

With the tough job market and record number of young people struggling to find jobs, it’s no longer an option to build some quality experience to woo potential employers.   Traditional thinking dictates that locking down a corporate internship is the best way to pad your resume.  However, for a growing number of employers and to-be employees alike, a nice alternative may be to hit the backpacking circuit.

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Selecting a Family Friendly Travel Accommodation

accomodationThere are different ways to travel but when you are planning a family trip, you should include your children as one factors to consider. You could always go on a trip alone or as a couple and this is a fairly easy trip as you can be wherever you want and to whatever you want. However, when you plan to bring the kids along with you, there are some aspects that you need to oversee but without sacrificing your interests as parents.  Family vacations should not be the typical beach or camping outings because there are many options locally and abroad that could interest both the children and the parents.

Child friendly resorts are clichés and they are not the only choice for family friendly destinations. This option should always be the first one on our list when planning a family getaway because there are now many independent hotels and lodges that have discovered how to make an adult environment work for kids. Keep in mind that a family vacation is for the family, not for the kids alone and neither for the parents alone.

Vacationing with the family should be suited to what adults and children like and could accommodate their specific needs. You might be surprised that many hotels and resorts could be more welcoming than those that bill themselves as child-friendly. Another option that you could have for the family are smaller hotels, inns and lodges that are simple and cozy, and provide a more personalized accommodation for the family. Staying at fancy hotels is common but a smaller accommodation can give you more exposure to the local culture.

Many travel destinations are embracing children, which mean that you have a variety of choices anywhere in the world to bring your kids for a vacation. Do not limit your plans to the resorts with cartoon characters as there are many hotels and resorts that might not be as attractive with the animations but have services that could greatly serve your children. Themed hotels and resorts can be expensive as you are paying for the trademark, the label or the theme. These destinations are good if you have the money to pay for the experience but are not always recommended for those budget trips.

A good way to save on accommodation without compromising the experience is to choose accommodations that offer simple gestures to make traveling with the children easy and stress-free. Even if you are staying at a resort without the fancy activities and amenities, kids can easily find their way to be entertained and have fun on their own.

It is always better to check the hotel’s website to see how the rooms look like and if they have special offerings for children. If there is no mention about children, then this will be a sign to think twice or better yet inquire thru phone or email. Family friendly accommodations are not always obvious in the exterior so it would not hurt to ask around and check reviews about hotels and resorts that would gladly have your kids around.

Skiing or Snowboarding in Banff National Park

snowboardingBanff National Park (BNP) is one of the most magnificent places you can go to and it’s yours to discover on your all inclusive ski trip. The resort is among North America’s biggest, boasting 4200 acres with more than 113 runs.

Snowboarding is available approximately six months of the year that stretches from mid-November till mid-May. The lengthiest ski run is 8 kilometres lengthy. The resort is available for the newbie as well as the far more sophisticated.

Banff National Park – click here – is located simply 1 1/2 hours West of Calgary in Alberta. It is Canada’s initial National Park. The park began like a 26 sq . km warm springs book and it is now 6,641 sq . kms of imposing highs in the middle of the stunning Canadian Rockies.

Appreciate the spectacular look at Lake marvel and Louise in the dynamic blues and eco-friendliest usual for a glacier given lake, surrounded by unrivaled mountain landscapes. Furthermore to the view at Lake Louise, the Ice fields Parkway is one of the very best places for sightseeing. The Parkway is referred to as the “most beautiful roadway within the world.” The drive takes you past a fantastic gauntlet of huge peaks covered in ice fields. It’s among the few places you have the ability to drive up to an ice field and touch it. You have the ability to instantly see the appeal from the town of Banff and town of Lake Louise.

If you are searching for some consuming satisfaction, you will discover various dining options within the area with tasty meals, remarkable home entertainment and spectacular views from the landscape.

Situated at evictions of Banff National forest is Canmore, Alberta. Canmore provides an endless provide of winter activities. If you want cross-country snowboarding, Canmore, home to the Olympic Nordic Center has more than 100 kilometers of track-set trails at the center alone. For a lot more journey, Canmore offers snowshoeing or you can try your hand at driving a pet dog sled. There’s access to a few of the best ice climbing up in the world for a lot more adventurous also. Dining within the location ranges from French to Mediterranean to Ukrainian with good dining and also excellent wines.

Any skier lucky enough to go to (Banff National Park)BNP won’t be dissatisfied. Whether or not you’re cross-country skiing,, down hill skiing, snowshoeing, pet dog sledding or just taking in the sights from the region, there is an extensive gamut of outdoor activities specific to please the whole family.

The Flamingo Hotel – Old World Vegas Charm

hotelAre you planning a trip to Las Vegas? If so, then you might want to stay at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. The Flamingo may not be as large as the newer casinos that have sprouted in this resort city, but it is said to have the best location and affordable room rates. Added to that, it is filled with lots of fun and interesting attractions that would make any guest enjoy their vacation in Las Vegas.

Built in 1946, the Flamingo may still be a remnant of the old Las Vegas, but it surely has come up with great features that make it at par with the new hotels. Here are some of the things that you can see and do there.

Fun by the Pool

Bring your friends and family to a non-stop pool party at the Flamingo GO Pool. This is the perfect place to be during the summer, when temperatures in Vegas are usually over 100 degrees. Rent out one of the luxurious daybeds or cabanas and enjoy a refreshing day filled with laughter, food, and drinks. Do you want to enjoy the water in a more relaxing environment? Flamingo Hotel also has a Beach Club pool that is perfect for families or individuals who want to have some peace and quiet while cooling down on a hot day.

A Variety of Entertainment

Are you feeling down? Then chase those blues away by seeing one of the comedy shows at the Flamingo. Vinnie Favorito and George Wallace hold regular shows there. Their funny antics and comedic routines are sure ways to end your day with a smile. The famous brother and sister tandem, Donny and Marie Osmond, have been entertaining the guests of Flamingo Hotel for years now too. Enjoy more than an hour of songs and dances whether you are a country-music lover or more of a rock and roller.

Another show that you should not miss is the Legends in Concert. This is an astounding theatrical tribute to music’s greatest performers, old and new. The impeccable performances of the Legends entertainers will make the audience of today enjoy the songs of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and many more.

What musical act would be complete without the famous dancers at the Flamingo Las Vegas? These famed ‘showgirls’ add a bit of flare to any musical event.

Shop till You Drop

Apparels, spa products, beverages, cosmetics, shoes, souvenirs, novelty items, jewelries – all these and more can be found in one of the many shops at the Flamingo Hotel. Most of these shops are open until midnight to cater to all the guests who never seem to get enough of the fun in Las Vegas.

The Wildlife Habitat

Keeping up with its name, the Flamingo Hotel features a wildlife ground where you can find flamingoes, pelicans, turtles, ducks, and other fascinating animals. This is a great reprieve from the hustle and bustle of this resort city. Kids would love it here and the best part is this attraction is offered for free.

Try Your Luck and Come Home a Winner

Of course, your stay at the Flamingo will not be complete if you do not try out those slots machines and gaming tables at the Margaritaville Casino. In between games, you may also want to enjoy a glass of beer or tequila from the many bars found at the hotel and at the casino. Most famous there are the Sin City Brewing Co. and the 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar.

How to Eat Well Even on a Budget Travel

Stock PhotoTraveling on a budget does not mean a limited experience and this does not certainly mean starving yourself the whole trip. Meals are one of those considerations that many travelers opt to skip in order have enough money to spend on other activities. Starving yourself during travel might be the worst decision that you could make since you need to be able to keep yourself nourished and hydrated when traveling at different places especially in locations abroad.

Many people think that food abroad is expensive; well this can be true especially in countries with a high cost of living. However, it is not difficult to find reasonably priced food when you are in developed cities as there are many dining options available. If you are on a budget, your might as well need to maximize all your available resources to ensure that you still have enough money when you return home.

Eating well is not a difficult task to achieve especially abroad as long as you know how to make good choices. Local cuisines are a must try in every trip but some can be pricy depending on the restaurant. The key here is to research as much as possible especially on which restaurants offer a balance between quality and price.

When booking you accommodations, you might as well check whether breakfast is included. Hotels and hostels usually provide free breakfast but make sure to weigh which area you can save more. If you are not a fan of eating breakfast, then you can go with accommodations that cost less and without the free breakfast. If you need to be energized in the morning, go for lodgings with free breakfast or a place without free food but with neighboring establishments where you can grab a bite. If possible, buy groceries and cook your own meals. This is another option when you have a fridge in your hotel room or if your accommodation has a mini kitchen.

Popular fast food chains are present almost anywhere in the world and the food they serve are familiar to you. This is another way to save on food without getting hungry because fast food is usually affordable and you know you are familiar with their menu. Many tourists live off by eating fast food during travel as this is an economical way to satisfy your hunger while on travel.

It helps not to be picky with food as there are many street vendors that offer affordable and delicious meals. Sandwiches, breads, pizzas, waffles and other take-out foods are available in many popular destinations and this can be a great way to save money. These foods are inexpensive but taste great and can get you going through a busy day of touring and sightseeing.

You can also enjoy sit-down dining experience at restaurants but try to limit these when you are on a budget travel. Do not be shy to ask locals about good restaurants and do not hinder yourself from enjoying one or two reasonably priced meals during your trip. However, you should always know when to splurge on food and when to limit your expenses during your travels. Being aware of all your food options is way to make sure that you are paying for a reasonably priced meal without sacrificing the experience of traveling to a new place.

Top London Attractions

tourLondon is a magnificent city to explore as it boasts a rich history that is well known to almost everyone in the world. A tour in London can be done in various ways like if you want to be care-free and spontaneous, appreciate history and culture, go with the flow and do whatever you want, or experience a unique themed tour such as a Tudor tour.

The Tudors for a fact have been one popular name in history starting from King Henry VIII, his six wives, and with a heritage leading to England’s great leaders. This family is certainly an interesting blood line as they have been a great influence to what London has become. The reign of the Tudors is one of the most exciting eras in English History and world history has also recognized them to be an influential family. England was glorious and magnificent during the reign of Tudors and had lead to the development of buildings and sights that is presently appreciated by tourists all over the world.

No trip to London is complete without a tour at The Tower even if you must endure the exhausting crowds and long climbs up stairways. The Tower of London is one of Britain’s finest historical attractions and is greatly associated with King Henry VIII. The building is truly a remnant of the Tudors as this is where the King’s traitors where executed and felt excruciating painful deaths. If you have the luxury of time, you can certainly spend a whole day here as there are many attractions within the area itself. Free tours are available are recommended if you want to be entertained the most economical way. As much as possible, always make the Crown Jewels your first stop for the day as the queues can be so devastating and you might end up spending most of your time waiting.

The Hampton Court Palace is another famous tourist attraction that is closely associated to King Henry VIII. This Tudor building is the King’s favorite and is mainly used to impress. The Palace was once a venue for tournaments and feasts, musical entertainment, plays and dancing despite having some reputations for being haunted by one of King Henry VIII’s wives.  Hampton Court is located outside London so one must allot time at least half a day for traveling, exploration and meals. The Maze is a particularly spectacular and renowned aspect of the Castle which is widely enjoyed by children.

Most of us became familiar with Westminster Abbey because our favorite Prince William married Catherine Middleton here in April 2011. This place is truly a place for royals and the Tudors have greatly utilized this area for generations. The Westminster Abbey is one of the oldest buildings still standing in London and was the venue for the coronation of English monarchy since 1066. Its significance is even greater as here lay the remains of seventeen royal monarchs. This building is yet to be improved to provide better facilities to guests and visitors but you can visit anytime as it is still a great historical building without the renovations.

If you want to experience the lavish and luxurious Tudor lifestyle, you can attend the Medieval Banquet at Ivory House, St Katharine Docks that takes place over a torch lit feast with troubadours and sword-wielding knights. If King Henry VIII would have lived in our times, I’m sure he is a “party animal” as during his time he was already fascinated of all the great stuffs for amusement and entertainment. Delighting a feast fit for a king is the perfect way to end your Tudor tour after you have enjoyed a couple of days sightseeing the buildings and areas glorified in the Tudor reign.


Trump Hotel Las Vegas – Hotel Information

hotel_thumb.jpg Soaring above The Las Vegas Strip, the Fantastic Trump Hotel Las Vegas is a non-smoking luxury resort that features 1,232 fully furnished hotel suites and 50 elegant penthouses. Designed with Italian marble while walking towards your hotel suite and marvel at your scenic views of the Las Vegas Strip. From stylish hotel rooms to magnificent penthouse suites, your Trump Las Vegas hotel experience will surely imprint a lasting memory for years to come. If you fancy world-class dining, be blown away with the hotels signature restaurant, DJT, offering American cuisine, to the poolside comfort and lighter fare of H2(EAU), the dining options at the hotel will satisfy your cravings. The non-gaming hotel targets relaxation and sophistication for every guest by offering a spa and fitness center, and heated outdoor pool overlooking the city with full-service, semi-private cabanas serving cocktails and lighter American fare directly to your chaise.

Choose your Accommodations:

Studio City/Strip View – These spacious and elegant studio condominiums feature scenic views of the City, the Strip and the mountains, framed through floor to ceiling windows.  Make your way inside your room which offers single king or double queen beds, luxurious bed sheets and plush down comforters with pillows plus many more additional amenities. The Studios at Trump Las Vegas certainly aims to delight every imaginable desire to make your Vegas Trip an unforgettable one.

One Bedroom Corner Suite – Guests purposely aiming to live the true Vegas lifestyle, the One Bedroom Corner is fit for your purpose. Featuring floor-to-ceiling views, a lavish bathroom, full-size Sub-Zero refrigerator and LG plasma screen televisions, this one bedroom condominium is the home that grows on you instantaneously. Enjoy scenic views from your whirlpool tub, cook a sumptuous meal in your full kitchen, and easily relax in your luxurious king sized bed.

One/Two/Three Bedroom Penthouse – Conveniently situated at the top floors which offer the best views of the Strip and surrounding skyline, these One/Two/Three Bedroom Las Vegas penthouses take luxury to new heights.  Upon entering the grand double doors give you a warm welcome into the over-sized living room, amenities which include custom entertainment system with a 50 inch LG plasma TV and hand-worked cabinetry, a dining room and full size kitchen equipped with the finest appliances, easily make this the ideal penthouse your new haven.

Dining at Trump Las Vegas:

DJT – this exceptional restaurant offers a menu of modern American cuisine. Featuring signature cocktails and exquisite selections can also be enjoyed at DJT Lounge Bar. For special occasions, a private dining room is also available to host up to ten people. Marvel at the beautifully designed interior, with glowing marbleized columns, makes it one of the most impressive venues for hotel fine dining on the Las Vegas Strip.

H2(EAU) – Serving all time American favorites partnered with a lively atmosphere, enjoy poolside dining which features a full bar serving signature cocktails. and a menu of American dishes. H2(EAU) serves light fare from seafood salads to homemade guacamole and delectable Paninis. When the Las Vegas sun beats down, answer back with a fruity mojito or refreshing berry smoothie from the most casual chic pool bar in Las Vegas.

The Spa at Trump Las Vegas:

There is no better way to relax than at a spa, the Trump hotel Spa features 11,000 square feet of serenity. The spa provides a unique selection of facials, massages and treatments designed specifically for women, men and couples, with special services like the Vegas Recovery Massage and Morning-After Eye Cure. The Spa at Trump is also home to steam rooms and saunas, a relaxation room and full service salon featuring products from the skin care experts.

Encore Las Vegas Hotel Information

vegasThis grandeur hotel of excellence debuted in 2009 and instantaneously headlined the city’s list of scenic structures located in the Strip. Steve Wynn, the man behind the project added another signature resort to the Wynn Collection featuring many culinary offerings and leisure activities to include new retail outlets, new cozy bars and lounges, five new signature restaurants, one spectacular nightclub and a European-inspired spa and salon facility. The beautiful Encore Las Vegas hotel is designed to fill your stay with captivating memories and give you a new approach of the Strip.


Resort Suite King/Double Queen – Providing you a list of choices from three dazzling views-the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, the serene Encore pool or historic downtown Las Vegas. The spacious rooms range from 700 to 745 square feet and feature king-sized pillow-top beds with overstuffed pillows and shams, floor-to-ceiling windows, 42″ flat panel televisions, one-touch climate control, a fully stocked mini bar, in-room safes, state of the art office equipment, on-demand movies and signature Wynn Resorts robes and slippers. The bathrooms are no less luxurious with 19″ flat screen televisions, dual sinks, sitting areas with lighted vanity mirrors, a separate shower and soaking tub and separate water closets with telephones. Connecting rooms are also available.d evoke your sense of wonder.

Panoramic Suite King/Double Queen – Presenting a scenic view of the Strip in a panoramic picture, The Suite features a pillow-top bed with overstuffed pillows and shams, floor-to-ceiling windows, a 42″ flat-screen television, one-touch climate control, an in-room safe, a fully stocked mini bar, state of the art office equipment, on-demand movies and signature Wynn Resorts robes and slippers. The bathrooms are no less luxurious with 19″ flat screen televisions, dual sinks, sitting areas with lighted vanity mirrors, a separate shower and soaking tub and separate water closets with telephones. Connecting rooms are also available.

Entertainment and Dining Options:

Restaurants – Wynn and Encore have more Forbes Travel Guide Four Star award-winning restaurants than any  other resort in North America. With star chefs that can be found cooking in the kitchens nightly. From Fine Dining with elegance and taste to simple casual dining. Famous spots such as the “Andrea’s” where Chef Joseph Elevado combines hip Asian dining with a sexy atmosphere. Wynn’s Bartolotta Ristorante Di Mare is a 2013 Forbes Travel Guide Four Star Award winner.

Shows – Be enlightened with the dazzling shows brought to you by yours truly Encore, Le Rêve – The Dream, voted “Best Show in Las Vegas,” welcomes you into a warm, romantic and mysterious world, from a thrilling high-dive to an underwater tango, this show will mesmerize you from beginning to end.

Casino – Play your favorite casino games featuring hitech slot machines, table games such as poker and blackjack, race and sports odds where you can enjoy the excitement of a Las Vegas sports book in the comfort of a lounge setting.

Top Places to Visit During your Trip to San Francisco

sanfranciscoA city filled with history, San Francisco offers many sights to see and visit from museums, historic landmarks, famous parks and the food. When going on a family trip make sure everything is prepared so book your accommodations well ahead of time to save so you’ll have extra spending you can use when going around the city. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the scenic views are endless so make sure you have your travel plans in order to make sure you make the most of your visit with your family. Here are some top must see places to visit with the family:


Pier 39 – From scenic views and families of sea lions to the Golden Gate Bridge, California wines, this place should never be snubbed when making travel plans. Start your tour by exploring the place that is complete with dining, entertainment, shopping and attractions, all surrounded by picturesque sceneries of the city and bay.


Golden Gate Bridge and Park - Spend a sunny day with the family relaxing in the park along JFK Drive which features recreational facilities such as tennis, soccer, baseball, golf and horse riding. The park is filled with acres of gardens at the Rose Garden, the Strybing Arboretum, the Conservatory of Flowers and the western edge in spring. The Golden Gate Bridge is the city’s most popular landmark which provides a symbol of hope dating back to history.


Alcatraz Island – Located 1 ½ miles from Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz is one of the city’s most popular attractions which was the site of the first lighthouse in the Western United States but became a federal penitentiary from 1934-1963, housing famous convicts.  A visit to the island includes a tour of the cell house where visitors can see where the prisoners lived.


California Academy of Science – Venture into the aquarium, planetarium and the natural history museum all under one location. A four story structure featuring an amazing living rainforest and scenic coral reef ecosystem will delight visitors of all ages, while the planetarium features a tour through space and time for a new perspective of our planet.


De Young Museum – Featuring important collections of American artwork on the West Coast, the museum includes paintings, sketches, art sculpture, photographs, and decorative art objects. With over 25,000 works of art, most of the collection features American art collection with artwork dating back from the 7th century to the modern times.


San Francisco Cable Car Museum – a free museum in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Located at 1201 Mason Street, It contains historical and explanatory exhibits on the San Francisco cable car system, which can itself be regarded as a working museum.


Other notable places to visit include Lombard Street, SFMOMA, The Presidio, Yerba Buena Gardens, Asian Art Museum, The Exploratorium, Angel Island Park, San Francisco Zoo and many others


Creating a Partnership Between Two Companies

pimg width=”300″ height=”113″ alt=”… LIMO TORONTO WEDDING LIMO TORONTO PROM LIMO TORONTO LIMO NIAGARA LIMO” src=”http://www.torontoairportlimos.com/images/sliders/nivo/toronto-airport-limo-banner-5.jpg” align=”left” style=”margin:5px;” /I’ve been in the market for a limousine for a long time now. We have been wanting one for our own venue space which has been growing in popularity the past few months. It has been difficult to find one however thanks to the limited supply that seems to be present in Toronto. We have managed to work out a contract deal with a a href=”http://torontolimousineservice.com”limousine for toronto/a service here locally that is able to provide us exactly what we have been looking for.!–more– It would have been much nicer to be able to utilize our own limousine for this sort of thing but buying one seems to be much more difficult than renting the limo services from a third party organization that has already established themselves. It seems that these pre-established limo companies go out of their way to buy limousines from all over the area in order to have spare parts for their own personal limousines. I can’t say that I actually blame them for doing so. br /br /It does make it difficult for a venue like myself to find their own personal limousine which would be the preferred method of transportation for many of our clients. I don’t mind having an ‘in house’ limousine service but it would be nice to have something we could fall back on. I don’t enjoy being beholden to another company who may change their prices on a whim – I’ve had that issue with catering companies in the past and it always becomes a problem finding a new company to provide the services that we need. Hopefully with this company they will retain their pricing faithfully and honestly. Our primary, number one goal is simple enough; customer satisfaction. If our clients are happy with their prices, then we will certainly be happy as well. /p

Have a Good Night Sleep When on Travel

sleepIf you are not used to traveling, there is a big chance that you will be uncomfortable sleeping not on your own bed in your own home. Many travelers are challenged on how to have a good night sleep especially when they are on the road and are not comfortable with their sleeping arrangements. Having a good, refreshing night sleep is very important for those who travel a lot and you need to know how to achieve this when you are always out-of-town.

People who are traveling most of the time usually complain of not being able to sleep enough because of various reasons like they have noisy neighbors, the hotel has inefficient staff or the hotel accommodations are not in good condition. If you are out the whole day like when you have a conference or business meeting, you will be tired in the evening and would want to have a good night sleep. However, there are many circumstances that can arise and could hinder your chance for resting well at night. You need to anticipate these things and follow some tips on how to be fresh for the next morning activities.

When you make your own arrangements, make sure to choose the right hotel room like which area of the hotel it is located. As much as possible avoid rooms near the elevator, stairs, or in areas with equipments as these areas can be noisy when people are be passing by even at night. A noisy and busy environment will not help you sleep after a long tiring day of travel. It is recommended to ask beforehand especially when you are booking the rooms so that you can change it as earlier as possible. You can also choose which floor to stay especially when the hotel has many amenities like disco and clubs.

Another important tip to do upon arrival in your hotel room is to check the “Do Not Disturb” sign. You can ask from the reception are to give you one if it is not available in your room. Placing a “Do Not Disturb” outside your doorknob will make other people not to be noisy when passing your room and this will inform the cleaning staff not to enter your room for the usual cleaning operation.

When staying in a big hotel, your neighbors can have private parties that can be very disturbing especially when you’re in slumber. Do not hesitate to report this to the reception area so that they can inform the individuals in the party about their noise. If you can’t bear it, you can ask the reception staff to give you another room if possible. When there are no available rooms, you will have to put up with the noise and hope that it will stop immediately. You can bring a pair of earplugs wherever you go so that you can stop from hearing all the disturbing noises any hotels may be dealing with.

These tips are easy to do and can be helpful whenever and wherever you may be traveling. Do not let other people and various situations ruin your travel because you can easily enjoy a good night sleep when you have prepared well for your travel.

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel Information

las-vegas2The Wynn Las Vegas sets the standards for guests seeking the thrill of a luxurious casino hotel experience, owned and operated by Wynn Resorts Limited the structure boasts a towering 60 floor resort making it one of the tallest buildings located in the Strip. The resort group’s founder who is Steve Wynn made a big impact in most of the developments of their mega resorts located all across many different places. Conveniently located in 3131 Las
Vegas Boulevard South, get complete access to popular fashion shows, shopping centres, fabulous casino’s and travel accommodations to famous tourist spots found only in Vegas.

With 2,700 guests rooms to take your pick from, all standard amenities are sure to be included. Each room features LCD high-definition tv in the main area and bathroom. You don’t have to take a seat on the mattress to relax because each resort room is outfitted with a couch and ottoman inside a sitting area. The beds are lined with Egyptian Cotton linens. And best of all of the rooms have floor to ceiling windows making for spectacular views of the Vegas Strip. Each room designed with unique elegance, making a pick from your
accommodations may already be a challenge.

The Wynn Las Vegas Resort provides guests with a variety of choices to experience casual or fine dining. Featuring 10 world famous restaurants headed by experienced chef’s, indulge in every dish and savor the delicious taste. If you fancy seafood dishes, head to Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare and satisfy your cravings featuring the recipes of Chef Paul Bartolotta. The SW Steakhouse is by far the busiest restaurant in the resort due to its award winning accomplishments, offering an outdoor terrace that overlooks the Lake of Dreams, the restaurant is sure to appeal to your senses. Chef David Walzog’s food and service led SW Steakhouse to be voted “Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas” by New York Magazine. If you desire casual dining, the Allegro’s casual atmosphere is perfect for a Le Rêve The Dream, Chef Enzo Febraro creates classic Italian-American dishes from Italy’s freshest ingredients.

Take your gaming experience to the next level, Wynn Las Vegas features 1,972 Gaming Machines. Complete with poker, table games, blackjack, roulette, crap and many more. The gaming machines include; 298 Dollar slots, 69 Five dollar slots, 5 Five Hundred dollar slots, 8 Half dollar slots, 13 Hundred dollar slots, 87 Nickel slots, 45 Penny slots, 585 Quarter slots and 8 Twenty Five dollar slots. Knowing when to stop will certainly be your key to walking away as a winner, with friendly staff to ensure you enjoy your favorite game, if you happen to be unfamiliar with a game don’t hesitate to ask the staff the rules of the game since they’ll be more than happy to explain it to you.

A Taste of the Good Life – Rio Las Vegas

HotelRio Las Vegas is certainly one of the unique attractions that set themselves apart from other hotels and are doing a very great job at it. Featuring quality spacious suites and luxurious amenities that add thrill and excitement for your gaming, dining and entertainment experience. With a carnival themed casino area extending to the pools of VooDoo Beach where guests can sit back and relax, a venue perfect for families, couples or individuals who can get enough of Las Vegas. Dine in italian elegance at Martorano’s which serves Rio Las Vegas guests simple, old-school Italian-American home cooking to hungry Las Vegas fine dining topped off with a ambiance setting, for seafood lovers they can head over to the Village Seafood Buffet or spice up your dining experience with authentic North Indian cuisine at the Royal India Bistro.

Rio Las Vegas Casino – enjoy your favorite games including blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat and poker. Rio Las Vegas is also home to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) brand. Choose from an array of poker games (dealt by certified WSOP dealers) including Hold ‘Em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha and so much more.

Rooms and Suites:

Samba Suites – Featuring a 600-square-foot suite with patterned carpets in a stylish Samba theme, brushed chrome fixtures, a 32-inch flat screen television and upgraded bathrooms featuring granite counter tops and tile flooring. Room rates start at a $75 per night.

Deluxe Studio Suite – Featuring a spacious 600-square-foot suite with unique decor in each, Deluxe Studio Suite offers the choice between two queen beds or 1 king bed with mountain view features floor-to-ceiling windows, upgraded bathroom with tub/shower, workspace, sofa, 32″ TV with Pay-Per-View movies, in-room safe, iron/board, and hairdryer. Room rates start at $65 per night.

Premium Studio Suite – Featuring a splendid view of the Las Vegas Strip right from your window, the 600 square ft Premium Studio Suites offer choices between 2 queen beds or 1 king bed, floor to ceiling windows, sofa, 32″ TV with Pay-Per-View movies, mini bar, in-room safe, iron/board and hairdryer. Additional amenities include a workspace, beige decor, serta mattress, tub/shower, and furniture. Room rates start at $75 per night.

Rio Masquerade Suites – featuring elegantly appointed decor and a spacious 1600 square feet that features a breathtaking 180-degree view of the Strip and Mountain with 1 king bed. Additional amenities include a sofa, 32″ TV with Pay-Per-View movies, in-room safe, iron/board and hairdryer, workspace, serta mattress, tub/shower, jacuzzi and furniture.

Rio Cariocas Suites – featuring 1100 square feet of luxury with a warm, contemporary decor. This one bedroom king, one-and-a-half bathroom suite includes a Jacuzzi tub, double vanity, a separate living/dining area, and flat-screen TVs. Additional amenities include a workspace, view of the strip, bath products, tub/shower and comfortable furniture.

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Travel on a Budget with the Family

travelWhen we think about travel, the first thing that would come into our minds is expenses. Traveling can be expensive especially when you are going to a place with a high cost of living and everything from food, accommodation to transportation is costly. It is easy to see the world when you have the money and it would be more enjoyable to travel in luxury and experience the good life. However, not all of us are rich and not all of us can afford a luxurious trip. There are situations wherein we need to travel and we need spend for our trip, but there are ways we can do to save money while traveling without compromising a comfortable and enjoyable trip especially when we have our family with us.

Our first choice for traveling is usually by plane but you can take a train instead. Trains are a great way to travel because they are usually less expensive than a plane. Trains are also less crowded which will give you and your family more room to breathe. If you have your children with you, be prepared to keep them occupied while you are on the road. The kids will enjoy the different views on the window side and if you are on a cabin, you can get them to play games to make them stay in one place.

You could also drive to your destination which is another way to save money. There are destinations that can be reached through a couple of days drive and this can be economical for those traveling with the family. If you have your own car, you can control your time and itinerary and you can bring stuffs needed by the family. However, you should never drive too fast as this can cause your car to use more fuel. It is better to stay on the appropriate speed especially when driving long distance. Driving to your destination is even efficient when you and your husband or wife take turns in driving so that you can rest in between and you wouldn’t have to stop over to sleep. This will save you the expense of paying for a room and get you to your destination sooner.

Another thing that you should not forget is to bring along some snacks since children are sure to get hungry during the trip. If you want to avoid frequent stops and prevent unnecessary spending, you should bring some snacks or something to nibble on. The worst thing that you would want to happen is when your kids get hungry and you have nothing to give them or there is no near place to buy. Bringing your own drinks and snacks will save you time and money when you or your kids get hungry or thirsty.

Traveling with the family can be memorable experience in your life and with a little planning and thought; you can make that memory a great one. You do not need to spend so much for a couple of day’s vacation because you can easily go for a simple trip and enjoy simple things as long as you are with the family.